Diesel Technology


Program Overview

The Bridging Communities Diesel Technology program is recommended for students interested in employment in the automotive diesel repair industry, as well as students interested in community college diesel programs. This two-year dual enrollment program provides students with the opportunity to earn six high school credits and 31 college credits. Students will learn shop procedures, diesel truck electrical systems, power trains, hydraulics and pneumatics, air brakes, fuel systems, and diesel engine reconditioning. Students will have the opportunity to participate in competition through SkillsUSA.

Annual salaries for diesel equipment occupations range from $30,000 to $62,000.

Year 1 of Diesel Technology - 11th Grade

The junior year program introduces students to shop and safety procedures, electrical systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, welding fundamentals, and suspension & power trains. Students will earn three high school credits and 13 college credits upon successful completion.

High School Course:

  • 8613 Diesel Equipment Technology I

College Courses:

  • WEL 120 - Fundamentals of Welding
  • DSL 143 - Diesel Truck Electrical Systems
  • DSL 150 - Mobile Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • DSL 152 - Diesel Power Trains, Chassis, & Suspension


  • Complete English & Math VCCS placement tests
  • Enroll in Rappahannock Community College
  • Students must also have successfully passed or be currently enrolled in Geometry

VCCS Requirements:

  • Place into ENF 3 on the English VPT(prefer ENG 111 as students must pass at this level to take year 2 Diesel)
  • Pass Algebra I or place in MTE 1 on the VPT

Year 2 of Diesel Technology - 12th Grade

The senior year program prepares students in the areas of diesel engine reconditioning, tune-ups, fuel systems, air brake systems, and power trains. Upon successful completion, students will earn three high school credits and 18 college credits, and a Career Studies Certificate from Rappahannock Community College. Students may also earn a Diesel Mechanics Technician Certificate from RCC by completing the following additional courses: SDV 100, ENG 111, and ITE 15.

High School Course:

  • 8614 Diesel Equipment Technology II

College Courses:

  • DSL 126 - Diesel Engine Reconditioning
  • DSL 131 - Diesel Fuel Systems & Tune-Up
  • DSL 160 - Air Brakes Systems
  • DSL 176 - Transportation Air Conditioning
  • DSL 197 - Cooperative Education in Diesel Mechanics Technology


  • Successful completion of Diesel Technology I with a grade of "C" or higher
  • Place into ENG 111 on the VPT

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