Culinary Arts

Program Overview

The Bridging Communities Culinary Arts is a two year program designed to prepare students for careers in commercial food management or production as well as entry into college level Culinary Arts advanced certificate programs. This two year program provides a foundation in food production and the culinary arts field and is taught in the New Kent High School commercial kitchen. Students will plan, select, store, prepare and serve food and food products, study nutrition, sanitation and food safety, and learn to use commercial equipment.

Annual salaries for culinary occupations range from $24,000 to $60,000

Year 1 of Culinary Arts - 11th Grade

The junior year program will introduce students to the basic principles of food preparation, sanitation and safety in a commercial kitchen environment. Students will have the opportunity to earn industry certification and will participate in competition through SkillsUSA. Students will earn three high school credits and 7 college credits upon successful completion.

High School Courses:

  • 8275 Culinary Arts I

College Courses:

  • HRI 115 Food Service Managers Sanitation Certification
  • HRI 106 Principles of Culinary Arts I
  • HRI 218 Fruit, Vegetable, and Starch Preparation


  • Recommendation of School Counselor
  • Complete English & Math VCCS placement tests
  • Enroll in Rappahannock Community College

VCCS Requirements:

  • Place into ENF 2 on the English Virginia Placement Test
  • Pass unit 1 of the Math Virginia Placement Test

Year 2 of Culinary Arts - 12th Grade

The senior year program allows students to receive training in the areas of commercial food preparation, catering, hospitality management, and principles of baking and culinary design. Students will earn three high school credits and 9 college credits upon successful completion. Students completing the two year program will also earn a Career Studies Certificate from Rappahannock Community College and be eligible to enroll in the Advanced Culinary Arts program after graduation.

High School Courses:

  • 8276 Culinary Arts II

College Courses:

  • HRI 145 Garde Manger
  • HRI 128 Principles of Baking
  • HRI 134 Food and Beverage Service Management


  • Successful Completion of Culinary Arts I with a grade of "C" or higher