The Nurse Aide program will be discontinued for the 2018-19 school year and replaced with Pre-Practical Nursing


Program Overview

The Bridging Communities Nurse Aide is a senior year only program and is recommended for students interested in working in the field of nursing. Students will learn the skills required to assist with nursing care in nursing homes, hospitals and supervised home-care situations. This program is designed to train students for full-time employment as nursing assistants. Students have the opportunity to apply three of the college courses completed at Bridging Communities to the Rappahannock Community College LPN Program, should they choose to apply to that program. At the completion of the course work and Clinicals, students will be eligible to sit for the Virginia Board of Nursing CNA test.

A career in health science will appeal to people who have a strong desire to help and heal others. Demand for health science jobs will continue to grow along with the population. The typical salary of a Nurse Aide ranges from $18,000—$35,000 per year.

Students will learn nursing care of patients of all ages, in various stages of sickness or wellness. Topics of instruction include human anatomy, body function, nutrition, disease conditions, pharmacology, nursing procedures, and other topics related to the field of nurse aide. Students are required to complete 100 hours of classroom and sixty-five hours of clinical experience. Some of the required hours may be scheduled after school and on Saturdays. Students will be eligible to take the licensure test for Nurse Aide after completing the required clinical hours. In addition to the Nurse Aide instruction, students will be offered dual enrollment health science classes that will transfer to the Rappahannock Community College LPN Nurse program. Students will earn 3 high school credits and 12 college credits and will earn a Career study college certificate in Nurse Aide upon successful completion.

High School Course: 

    8331 - Health Assisting Careers

College Courses: 

  • NUR 27- Nurse Aide I
  • NUR 29 - Home Health Aide (Clinicals)
  • NUR 120 - Nursing Terminology and Charting
  • PNE 155 - Body Structure and Function
  • NUR 31 - Advanced Skills for Nurse Aides


    Complete English & Math VCCS placement tests
    Enroll in Rappahannock Community College

VCCS Requirements: 

    Placed into ENF 2 on the English Virginia Placement Test (VPT)
    Pass unit 1 of the Math (VPT)


Clinicals will be held during the second semester. The Clinicals are 8 hour days. Attendance is mandatory to be eligible to sit for the CNA Virginia Board of Nursing licensure exam.

Clincals Prerequisite:
  • Must pass criminal background check*
  • Flu Shot*
  • 2 step Tuberculosis TST test*
  • Immunizations up to date* 
  • Purchase Clinical uniform including white shoes*
  • Complete RHS training video (will be done in class)
  • Pass CPR & First Aide training (will be done in class)
  • students are encouraged to purchase their own blood pressure cuff for practice*
  • Must complete the classroom phase of the program with an 80 or above
    *Expenses incurred are the responsibility of the student.